Anglican Mass in Modern English – Beta

I have received numerous comments privately and on the Anglo-Catholic Central forum, for which I am very thankful.  Please accept my gratitude, all who passed on your thoughts to me.

As a result, please see the second draft of the Anglican Mass in Modern English.  Again, I welcome your critique.

3 thoughts on “Anglican Mass in Modern English – Beta

  1. Fr Richard Sutter SSM Post author

    What this version does (well, at least I hope it does) is preserve traditional form and structure that is all the best of the Anglican liturgy yet without using the archaic language that is so foreign to our potential converts…as it is to so many of our communion partners, who simply don’t use that sort of idiom any longer.

    We must be willing to admit that what’s dear to us is a massive turn-off to most of the people we’re called to reach.

  2. Fr Richard Sutter SSM Post author

    And, dare I add, that if we don’t supply modern English liturgy that is at least halfway decent and theologically correct, the next generation will find itself stuck with the sort of thing AMiA is playing around with.

  3. +Frederick G. Fick

    Fr Sutter,

    What a delight to see the work of your pen. My heart is warmed with result. This is not an empty task. Your work is reflective of the very best efforts I have seen to date. Best wishes for your continued ministry.

    +Frederick G. Fick MSJ


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