Anglican Missal Propers

From the

Propers of the Season Propers of Saints Common of Saints
AdventAdvent I
Advent II
Advent III
Ember Wed.
Ember Fri.
Ember Sat.
Advent IV
Vigil of ChristmassChristmastideNativity of Our Lord
Saint Stephen
Apostle John the Evangelist
Holy Innocents
Sunday within the Octave of the Nativity
Saint Thomas of Canterbury
Sixth Day within the Octave of the Nativity
Saint Sylvester
Second Sunday after Christmas
Octave of Saint Stephen
Octave of Saint John, the Evangelist
Octave of the Holy Innocents
Vigil of the Epiphany


Epiphany I
Octave of the Epiphany
Epiphany II
Epiphany III
Epiphany IV
Epiphany V
Epiphany VI




Ash Wednesday
Thursday after Ash Wednesday
Friday after Ash Wednesday
Saturday after Ash Wednesday
Lent I
Monday after Lent I
Tuesday after Lent I
Ember Wednesday
Thursday after Lent I
Ember Friday
Ember Saturday
Lent II
Monday after Lent 2
Tuesday after Lent 2
Wed. after Lent 2
Thu. after Lent 2
Friday after Lent 2
Sat. after Lent 2
Lent III
Monday after Lent 3
Tuesday after Lent 3
Wed. after Lent 3
Thu. after Lent 3
Friday after Lent 3

Sat. after Lent 3

Lent IV
Monday after Lent 4
Tuesday after Lent 4
Wed. after Lent 4
Thu. after Lent 4
Friday after Lent 4

Sat. after Lent 4

PassiontidePassion Sunday
Monday in Passion Week
Tuesday in Passion Week
Wednesday in Passion Week
Thursday in Passion Week
Friday in Passion Week
Saturday in Passion Week
Palm Sunday
Monday in Holy Week
Tuesday in Holy Week
Wednesday in Holy Week
Maundy Thursday
Good Friday
Holy SaturdayEastertideEaster Sunday
Monday in Easter Week
Tuesday in Easter Week
Wednesday in Easter Week
Thursday in Easter Week
Friday in Easter Week
Saturday in Easter Week
1st Sunday “after” Easter
(and Eastertide Seasonal Prayers)
2d Sunday “after” Easter
3d Sunday “after” Easter
4th Sunday “after” Easter
Rogation Sunday
(5th Sunday “after” Easter)
The Greater and Lesser Litanies
Vigil of the AscensionAscension Day
Sunday after Ascension
Vigil of Pentecost


Whitsunday (Pentecost)
Monday in Whitsun Week
Tuesday in Whitsun Week
Ember Wednesday in Whitsun Week
Thursday in Whitsun Week
Ember Friday in Whitsun Week
Ember Saturday in Whitsun Week


Trinity Sunday
Corpus Christi
Trinity 1
Trinity 2
Trinity 3
Trinity 4
Trinity 5
Trinity 6
Trinity 7
Trinity 8
Trinity 9
Trinity 10
Trinity 11
Trinity 12
Trinity 13
Trinity 14
Trinity 15
Trinity 16
Trinity 17

Ember Wednesday in September
Ember Friday in September
Ember Saturday in September

Trinity 18
Trinity 19
Trinity 20
Trinity 21
Trinity 22
Trinity 23
Trinity 24

Any Sunday Between Trinity 24 and Next Before Advent

Sunday Next Before Advent

Feasts of NovemberNovember 1st All Saints
November 2nd All SoulsFeasts of JuneJune 29th Holy Apostles Peter and Paul

Feasts of August

August 6th Transfiguration of Our Lord
August 15th Assumption of the B.V.M.

Feasts of September

September 8th Nativity of the B.V.M.
September 14th Exaltation of the Holy Cross
September 24th Our Lady of Walsingham
September 29th St Michael and All Angels

In each Common, the Lessons and Gospels which are given, either in the Masses themselves or at the end of each entire Common, may be said in any Mass of the same Common: provided only in the Missal there have not been assigned a particular Mass, or a particular Lesson or Gospel, to be said in its place.NOTE: That in Eastertide is added Alleluia in various places after the fashion indicated in parentheses throughout the Missal, and in particular in the Commons following herewith.Mass 1: Vigil of an ApostleCommon of One Martyr
Mass 2: For a Martyr Bishop
Mass 3: For a Martyr Bishop (Another Mass)
Mass 4: For a Martyr Not a Bishop
Mass 5: For a Martyr Not a Bishop (Another Mass)
Other Epistles and a Gospel for the Common of a Martyr Outside EastertideCommon of Several Martyrs Out of Eastertide
Mass 6: For Several Martyrs
Mass 7: For Several Martyrs (Another Mass)
Mass 8: For Several Martyrs (A Third Mass)
Other Lessons and Gospels for the Common of Several Martyrs

Common of Martyrs In Eastertide
Mass 9: For One Martyr
Mass 10: For Several Martyrs

Common of a Confessor Bishop
Mass 11: For a Confessor Bishop
Mass 12: For a Confessor Bishop (Another Mass)
Mass 13: Common of Doctors

Common of a Confessor Not a Bishop
Mass 14: For a Confessor Not a Bishop
Mass 15: For a Confessor Not a Bishop (Another Mass)Mass 16: Common of Abbots

Common of Virgins
Mass 17: For a Virgin Martyr
Mass 18: For a Virgin Martyr (Another Mass)
For Several Virgin Martyrs
Mass 19: For a Virgin Only
Mass 20: For a Virgin Only

Common of Those Who Are Not Virgins
Mass 21: For a Martyr Not a Virgin
For Several Martyrs Not Virgins
Mass 22: For One Neither Virgin Nor Martyr

Mass 23: The Prayer-Book Common of Any Saint Soever

Common of the Dedication of a Church
The Anniversary Day of Dedication
The Consecration of a Church

Common I of Feasts of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Common II of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Masses of Saint Mary on Saturday
Seasonal Prayers
In Advent
After Epiphany
After Purification
In Eastertide
In Trinitytide

Propers for Certain Votive MassesVotive Mass 23. For a Bridegroom and Bride Propers for Certain Moveable Holy DaysHoly Name of Jesus
Holy Family
Compassion of the BVM
Patronage of Saint Joseph
Sacred Heart
Christ the King
Thanksgiving Day
Prayer-Book Propers for Rogation Days
Prayer-Book Propers for Ember Days

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