Monthly Archives: October 2008

The Miracle of Healing

Take a look at this young lady.  This picture was taken on September first of this year.

On September first she underwent emergency cardiovascular surgery for an enlarged heart and a tear in her aorta and had her aortic valve replaced.

Her mother flew to Denver from Georgia to be with her.

Her fiance sat with her non-stop. 

Clergy gave her the sacraments of unction and eucharist.

And of course, lots of people all over the world were praying for her.

Probably many of you reading this were among those praying for her.  At one point at the hospital, a small child pointed down at her in her room and said she saw Jesus.  We have no doubt that he was there, holding her.  This is the same young lady 33 days later:  


This is the power of prayer. 

Thanks be to God! 

And thank you, Ven. John Henry Newman, St Michael, St Jude, and our blessed Lady Mary.

We are so blessed!