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Praying the Office (part one)

Praying the Office is a daily requirement for Anglican clergy, and a valuable and recommended practice for laity as well.  For some Anglicans, it’s a simple matter of just picking up their BCP or DOB (the Daily Office Book, pictured here, which contains not only the Office, but all the readings from the lectionary, in order—a very handy book.)

For those Anglicans who are (or may be) headed into the Catholic Church’s Ordinariate for Anglicans to be erected on January 1st in the U.S., things might not just be that easy. The approved office liturgy (Liturgy of the Hours, if you will) for the Ordinariate is yet to be released, but until that time, years hence, probably, the Ordinariate liturgy is the Book of Divine Worship, a corrected version of the 1979 BCP.  (If you don’t already own one of those ten pound wonders, trust me, it’s too big to use for anything other than pressing leaves and maybe a booster seat for the little ones.)  To use the approved liturgy for praying your daily office, the simpler path is just to make the necessary corrections to your 79 BCP or better, your DOB.  With that need in mind, I’ve drawn up a list of the necessary corrections.

Here are two PDF files, BCP office conformed to BDW and DOB office conformed to BDW.

God bless, and happy praying!