An Anglo-Catholic Revival?

The following was posted by another priest in another venue; in the hope of stimulating discussion, I am reposting it here for your comments.

With the Ordinariate in place in the Roman Catholic Church and a growing Western
Rite in Orthodoxy, the question of the day is whether there remains a role for
traditional Anglo-Catholicism? The numbers, certainly among the continuing
churches, are not encouraging and there appears to be a doctrinal incoherence in
these groups that ranges from a neo-Calvinism to an ultramontane, ornate show
catholicism with little behind the pageantry. Are we headed the way of the
Shakers, or is there a group out there with a core understanding of English
Catholicism and the dedication to spark a revival?

Let’s get the discussion rolling, folks.

2 thoughts on “An Anglo-Catholic Revival?

  1. Donald Sackett

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with Anglo-catholicism. It has a very robust past that suggests that it may indeed have a very robust future. The faith and theology represented in the liturgy of the Missal and the 1928 BCP is very much Christ Centered. The question in the post-modern culture is how does the Anglo-catholic find relevance? To the post-modern our faithful use of the term “TRADITIONAL” is code for “angry white old men trying desperately to hold on to their ancient power structure.” Terms such as “Dead Religion” and “Legalism” are bantered about with little apologetic in return.

    The problem Anglo-Catholics have had is not with the faith in and of itself, but with the convictions and beliefs they espouse, which are tamed by it’s worldly caveats it attaches to its proclamation. The Post-Modern simply asks “give me something to believe” with no caveats and I will be interested. Give me something life changing and I will give ear. Give me something thought provoking and I will cling to it.

    Its my conviction that if we strip away the caveats and give the straight dope to the people they will turn and embrace with tenacity what the Puseyites have labored for all along.

  2. Andrew

    How could such a revival occur? I don’t see how it could practically happen. TEC has very effectively driven out anyone that might give any challenge to their post-Christian heresy. The continuerers have very ably shown they don’t know the meaning of the word Catholic. The Duncanites are well posed for a split of their own over women’s ordination.

    In my view, the Ordinariate is the only hope for a traditional English expression of the Catholic faith.


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