Priests at Our Lady of the Snows

Here’s a picture that was late coming in due to technical difficulties, but it is at last here, so I’m posting it here now.

These are the clergy of the Society of St Michael (SSM) who were present at the Anglican Church in America’s general synod in October of 2008 at the national shrine of Our Lady of the Snows in Belleview, IL.

ssm-at-aca-general-synod-2008(L-R: Bp Stephen Strawn SSM, Fr Richard Sutter SSM, Fr Nicholas Taylor Obl.OSB SSM, Fr Terrence Keller SSM, Fr Michael Sclafani SSM, Archbishop John Hepworth,  Fr Terence Gross SSM, The Rev’d Dr William Wiener SSM, Fr Carlton Clarke SSM, Fr John Wesley Westcott III SSM.)

His Grace, the Primate of the Traditional Anglican Communion, very kindly consented to be photographed with us.  Clearly, we must have been hoping some holiness and wisdom would rub off on us!

1 thought on “Priests at Our Lady of the Snows

  1. frbob32

    Some how I seemed to not been notified of the photo op. Several more of SSM were present at the National Synod.



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