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Fr Richard Sutter SSMFr Richard Sutter SSMRecently, two good blogs have bitten the dust, and the writers gone off to that great sunset sky.  I happen to think we need some good Anglo-Catholic blogs.  After all, there’s nothing like a good Anglo-Catholic blog.  Alas, this is nothing like a good Anglo-Catholic blog.

Well, not that I have the skills or the time to create a good blog, but I think that I might have the skills–or at least the calling–to put together a body of folk who altogether might have the skills and maybe a little time.  I’m going to invite a few sound folk to join us in this venture and see if we can help create a nice corner for Catholics-of-the-Anglican-Tradition to pause a few minutes in.  And maybe even refresh their souls.

Who am I planning to ask?  I’m going to begin with a few bright, well-read, well-prayed, articulate souls.  I just hope they don’t put me to shame!

So without further eloquence (thank you Barry), here goes!

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