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Continuing Church Bishops Send Open Letter to ACNA

L-R: Abp Robinson (UECNA), Abp Haverland (ACC), Bp Marsh (ACA), and Abp Grundorf (APA)

The ACC has joined with four other Continuing Church jurisdictions in calling on the Anglican Church of North America (ACNA) to return to its classical Anglican roots.

Signed by Archbishops Grundorf (APA), Haverland (ACC), Marsh (ACA), and Robinson (UECNA), as well as Bishop Paul Hewett of the DHC, the letter is further evidence of the renewed sense of unity that is becoming more and more common among the continuing jurisdictions.  While admitting that “the Continuing Church has failed to present a united front,” the letter notes that the tendency of its signatories “is towards greater unity and cooperation.”

Though the letter commends the ACNA for its efforts to remain faithful to Scriptural teaching, it is also very frank about the issues that divide it from the Continuing Church members.

We call upon ACNA to heed our call to return to your classical Anglican roots.  We commend to your prayerful attention the Affirmation of Saint Louis, which we firmly believe provides a sound basis for a renewed and fulfilled Anglicanism on our continent.  We urge you to heed the call of Metropolitan Jonah, whose concerns we share.  Anglicanism in North America cannot be both united and orthodox on a partially revolutionized basis.  We call upon you to repudiate firmly any claim to alter doctrine or order against the consensus of the Catholic and Orthodox world.  We call upon you to embrace the classical Prayer Book tradition.  The 30 years between our formation in 1977 and yours in 2010 were years of sharp decline in TEC numbers and of growing aberrations in all areas of Church life.  We call upon you to look upon all the works of those years with a much more critical eye, and to join us in returning to the doctrine, worship, and orders that preceded the intervening decades.

It is hoped that a realistic assessment of differences and a clear statement about fidelity to Anglican heritage will provide the basis for further discussion between the various parties involved.

The full text the common letter is available here.

from the website of the Anglican Catholic Church

Criteria for Bishops

At this point in time, more than one diocese in the Continuing Church is facing or could be facing an upcoming election synod.  It is with that thought in mind I’d like to offer publicly some considerations on advisable requirements for such a weighty office and responsibility.

First of all, of course, come to mind St Paul’s list to St Timothy, which I won’t quote here (1 Tim 2.2-7), as we all own Bibles.

Secondly, for those dioceses in the Traditional Anglican Communion, it is clear that the TAC concordat expects appropriate preparation on the part of those called to be bishops, and it would not only be inappropriate but wicked to attempt to circumvent that requirement.  Therefore no one ought to be considered a candidate who does not hold a graduate theological degree*.  As the office of a bishop is such a weighty office, with such great responsibility and worthy of the deepest respect and reverence, candidates ought to be sought primarily amongst those who hold an earned theological doctoral degree*.

Thirdly, experience ought to be considered to the point that candidacy should be limited to those with at least five years of full-time ministry, which perhaps might be waived to three years for those holding theological doctorates*.  Frankly, this is such a minimal requirement that it probably ought to be doubled.  The logic is plain, however.  If a man has never been a full-time rector for any length of time how could he be expected to be a full-time bishop?

Fourthly, for the dioceses within TAC, considering the advanced state of TAC’s ecumenical relations, it is unwise to multiply unnecessarily the episcopate at this time.  For that matter, no jurisdiction has any business adding to the purple load without good reason.  Therefore, all should seek for a candidate amongst those men already consecrated bishops.

Fifthly, in order to alleviate any unfortunate parochial or insular development, so far as possible, candidates ought to be sought from outside the diocese doing the seeking, or at the very least from among those who have served previously outside the diocese in question.

Finally, a candidate must be a man of prayer.  Some evidence, such as being an oblate or tertiary, would be advisable, as it shows that not only is a candidate acquainted with prayer, but that he is concerned with collegial fellowship with others.

I suspect other people would have additional recommendations to make.  I look forward to reading them.


*By these terms is meant, of course, only real degrees from legitimate accredited seminaries and universities, as listed with CHEA, AUCC, QAA, etc.

SSM calls for unity

Statement on Unity
January 28th, 2008 will mark the 30th anniversary of the birth of the Continuing Anglican Movement with the Denver Consecrations. As a way to commemorate this monumental event, the Society of St Michael will be conducting Prayer without Ceasing; with a special intention for unity among our Continuing Anglican bodies. Our members will pray before the Blessed Sacrament every hour of the day.
The Society of St Michael (SSM) is a Fraternity of Anglican Clergy, organized as a Society of apostolic life. The SSM’s special charism is dedication to the Catholic faith and practice in its Anglican tradition. The Society of St Michael exists for mutual support, encouragement, and fellowship, and witness to Anglican tradition in its Catholic fullness.

Be it resolved:
That we, the Council of the Society of St Michael, on behalf of the entire membership of the Society of St Michael, with members representing multiple jurisdictions, fully support the unity of Christ’s Church and strongly urge our Continuing Anglican communities diligently to work together for unity, in the spirit of the Affirmation of St Louis and with deep respect for our common heritage.
Be it resolved:
That we the Society of St Michael pray that all Primates, Metropolitans, Bishops and Leaders of Continuing Anglican communities will show the way to greater unity, that we may be one, as our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ intends.
Be it resolved:
That we the Society of St Michael humbly beseech St Michael the Archangel and Our Lady of Walsingham to pray and intercede for us to Almighty God, for the restoration of Catholic Unity, that we may walk together bonded by our Catholic faith and share our Anglican tradition in Christ’s One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. 
Be it resolved:
That we the Society of St Michael pray without ceasing for unity. 

O Lord Jesus Christ, who didst say unto thine Apostles, Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: Regard not our sins, but the faith of thy Church, and grant unto it that peace and unity, which is agreeable to thy will; who livest and reignest with the Father, and the Holy Spirit, one God, world without end. Amen.

Dated: The Feast of the Confession of Saint Peter in the Octave of Christian Unity
January 18th, 2008

Signed by the Council of the Society of St Michael   Continue reading