Daily Archives: September 8, 2015

Facebook’s War against Clergy

FatherWell, I finally made the list. Facebook’s hit list, that is. Without warning, my Facebook account was locked by the gestapo in charge because I had committed a heinous sin: I used my proper clerical address: Father. Horrors! I submitted, according to their demands, a copy of my drivers license, but I blacked out my date of birth and my license number, not thinking them any of their business. I also, while I had Paint open, I added “Fr” in front of my name. We’ll see if that works, or if I have to adopt measures that other priests have had to: changing my profile picture to the little graphic you see at the head of this article.

As for right now, I’m a non-person on Facebook. You can’t even search for me. I wish there were an alternative to Facebook for keeping up with my family and friends.