Daily Archives: March 22, 2008

Good Friday and the Great Vigil



Good evening, everyone,


As we conclude Good Friday and attend on the Great Vigil of Easter, we are squarely faced with questions–the first being, “Why are we here?” The answer is that we are here this night at the foot of the Cross to find out who Jesus really is. It is easy to have vague ideas about Him. It is far more difficult to face up to His reality, particularly as we turn to our Lord as he hangs on the Cross.

Our modern world does not put a premium on having the will to genuinely think on life. But, the Cross is a challenge to think, “What does it all mean?” It calls us to think, re-think and think yet again.

In life, people generally show their true colors in moments of great trial. The boaster reveals himself as a coward, and the quiet person as a hero. We can gauge character by observing it in the great crises of life. And Holy Week culminates in the great moment—the great crisis of all humanity.

If we lift our eyes to the Cross we can find the true Christ. We shall be able to decide whether the man from Galilee is unattractive, a very scorn of men, of no form or comeliness that any should desire Him, or whether He reveals all that we admire and love in full perfection. We shall be able to decide whether He is the one whom we must make our king. Continue reading